Management of oral myiasis: A rare entity


Cerebral palsy
Maggots infestation

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Puppala, R. ., Kethineni, B., Chowdary Birapu, U. K., Goliya, S., Kumar, R., & Grace, E. L. (2021). Management of oral myiasis: A rare entity. Journal of Kathmandu Medical College, 9(4), 228–233. Retrieved from


Myiasis is one of the foremost daunting parasitic infestations. Although pandemic, it is more often found in tropical and subtropical countries where poor hygiene, poor housing infrastructure, warm humid climate and proximity to domestic animals prevail. Mostly it occurs secondary to serious medical conditions such as cerebral palsy, cancerous lesions.
Although many treatment protocols are available, the standard treatment focuses on antibiotic therapy concomitantly with mechanical removal of larvae and necrotic tissues. This is a case of intraoral myiasis in a twenty-year old female patient with cerebral palsy that was managed using the suffocation approach and mechanical debridement.



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