Telenursing: A new opportunity for nurses in the digital era

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Information technology has touched almost every aspect of our life. Health care is no exception. The use of technologies in healthcare has evolved over the years and has laid a foundation for the concept of telehealth. In broader terms, telehealth is the delivery, management and coordination of health services with the use of technology to increase access, improve outcomes and reduce costs of health care. It is found as a promising tool to address the limited capacity of heath care system for management of chronic diseases1 .Most nurses are not trained or are insuffi ciently trained to use these tech-nologies effectively. Therefore, the potential of telehealth fails to reach full utilization. Although, telehealth is used as an umbrella term to describe the wide range of health services, the use of technology is limited within nursing profession. While telehealth in some form exists in most of the countries, telenursing is

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